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There are three key steps in how we build our plans:

1: Metrics: We’ll look at your existing sales metrics, such as average purchase value, customer lifetime value, Cost per acquisition, average net margin, etc. This gives us an idea of what numbers we can work with. 

2: Assessing your OAT (Offers, Assets, Traffic). What Offers are you using? What online Assets (website, social media page, blog) do you have? How are you driving Traffic to your assets?

3: Analyzing your Market. What market potential exists for your business? How big of an audience can we reach and therefore what potential revenues can we obtain from it? 

Based on the info we collect in these 3 steps, we are able to build a more detailed strategy for your business.

Advizee is a group of digital consultants and advisors whose mission is to help entrepreneurs find new & innovative ways of commercializing their products, services and ideas online. We do this by providing strategic advising on promoting your business online.

Advizee believe’s in giving EVERY business and entrepreneur access to professional advice on how to sell their products, services and ideas online, for that reason, we are one of the only group of consultants that offer strategies starting at $0.

The advantage of working with Advizee is that our job is to maximize the ROI of any digital service you plan on investing in.
When dealing directly with freelancers or agencies, their objective is how to maximize the revenue they can make from charging you billable hours, regardless of the return it brings you.
Advizee’s job is to maximize the profitability of the digital services you invest in, whether it be social media management, web design, SEO and much more.

Some entrepreneurs and businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage their digital assets or projects. For example, if you want to sell a product online, you might need to build a Shop, launch Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Ads, create content, handle order fulfillment, manage chat support, customer service, etc. That’s a lot of work and headache! Advizee can act as a sort of “General Contractor” and will help you avoid time wasting, stressing and the guessing work in selling products, service and ideas online.

No problem! If you have access to the resources and expertise to implement any plans, strategies or ideas we provide, you do it yourself! In addition, if you need freelancers, agencies or experts to reach your objectives, we can help you find the best partners to get the job done. 

If you provide digital services and wish to become one of our certified partners to receive referrals from companies who are in need of your services, please fill out the below contact form and one of our Advisors will be able to contact to start your application.

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